Institute of Railway Studies

Institute of Railway Studies

The Institute of Railway Studies is a partnership between the National Railway Museum and the University of York.

Founded in 1995 (as the Institute of Railway Studies) and officially re-launched in October 2014 it undertakes areas of joint research and sharing expertise and training. It will also bring a broader range of disciplines to help our understanding of railway studies. A Railway Studies Forum will also be created to strengthen academic research for both staff and students.

The Institute aims to be at the forefront of academic study with the aim of broadening the railway audience and developing a deeper understanding of the history of British Railways. Since inception in 1995, the University has awarded 12 PhDs, 40 Master's degrees, three Postgraduate Certificates and 71 Graduate Certificates in Railway Studies.

The Institute of Railway Studies offers numerous opportunities for full-time and part-time study at a number of different levels.

For further information visit the Institute of Railway Studies website

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