Accident reports

Of interest to family historians.

The Board of Trade/Ministry of Transport Railway Accident Reports can help you find out about significant accidents that occurred on the railways. They do not cover every accident, instead focusing on those accidents where loss of civilian life occurred and/or damage to railway company property. Individuals’ names are mentioned in some of these reports, which can be of interest to family historians.

Accident Reports from 1855 to 2001 are on the open shelves in Search Engine.

After this date, many accident reports were produced electronically. Reports from 2006 onwards are available from the Rail Accident Investigation Board website, or our staff can produce copies for you. A proportion of modern and historical railway Accident Reports have been digitised and can be found by searching on the Railways Archive website. Please note that the NRM is not responsible for the content of these websites.

The Accident Reports can be found on the Library Catalogue and key accidents are recorded in the Content Section of the catalogue record.

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