Drawings and papers from manufacturers, businesses and organisations

Drawings and business records.

This collection contains drawings and business records from some of the most significant railway manufacturing firms. These firms were major employers in their areas, and the vehicles they made were exported around the world.

These PDF files list the drawings we have in these collections. They may not be complete. If you'd like to come and see something on one of these lists, see our archive and library centre. To order a copy of a drawing, see our copying service page.

Businesses and manufacturers

W.G. Bagnall Ltd. Collection (WGB)

The Records of Denton and Jutsum (microfilm) (DEN)

Fletcher, Jennings & Co. Collection (FLET)

GEC Traction Archive (GEC)

Records of English Electric Company Limited (EE)

Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company Collection (GLOU)

Hudswell Clarke & Co. Collection (HUDS)

Hurst, Nelson & Co. Ltd. Photograph Album (HURST)

Kennedy Henderson and Co
Approximately 130 rolls of drawings of rolling stock supplied to former Commonwealth and Empire countries through the agency of Kennedy Henderson and Co. (formerly Livesy, Son and Henderson), consulting engineers, circa 1900 to 1972. NB – not listed, not currently available.

Kitson & Co. Ltd. Collection (KIT)

Records of Nasmyth, Wilson & Co Ltd, Locomotive Builders, Patricroft (NAS)

North British Locomotive Company Ltd and constituent companies, locomotive builders, Glasgow
Introduction to North British drawing list
North British drawing list | Austerity drawing list

Peckett and Sons Ltd, locomotive manufacturers, Bristol
Introduction to Peckett & Sons archive & drawings
Peckett & Sons archive list
Peckett & Sons drawing list (microfilm)
Peckett & Sons drawing list
Peckett & Sons neg list
Peckett & Sons trade card list

Price & Reeves Collection (P&R)

Pullman Car Company, Brighton
Introduction to Pullman drawings
Pullman drawing list

R & W Hawthorn Leslie & Co Collection (HL)

Archive of Robert Stephenson & Co Ltd (ROB)

Order books of Tearne & Sons Ltd (TEA)

Vulcan Foundry Ltd. Collection (VF)

Wilkes & Ashmore Archive (WILKES)

Photocopies only
This is a list of our photocopies of other people's material. The originals will be in other archives or still with the original companies.
Photocopies only


Collectors' Corner records of clock, watch and nameplate sales (COLL)

Archive of the Heritage Railway Association (HRA)

LNER & GER Musical society (MUS)

Melksham Turnpike Trust (MELK)

Papers of the North Eastern Railway Stations Masters and Agents Association (SMANE)

Papers of the Military Forwarding Services Old Comrades Association (MFS)

Railtrack Private Shareholders Action Group (RPSAG)
Introduction to RPSAG archive & list

Railway Clearing House
Intro Railway Clearing House archive collection
Railway Clearing House archive list (Publications)

Records of Southern Railway Servant's Orphanage, Woking (WOK)

Woodhead Line & Tunnel Campaign Archive (WOO)

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