Recent additions to books

January 2012

Communications in Africa, 1880-1939
General editor David Sunderland, advisory editor Godfrey N. Uzoigwe
"To support its economic interests in Africa, Britain constructed a sophisticated transport and communications infrastructure. This collection presents rare documents relating to its development."

Britain's bizarre railways
Robin Jones
The weird and the wonderful are all recorded here. Hovertrains, monorails, prison railways, secret lines, funicular and oversized garden railways are all historically described and illustrated.

Early railway chemistry and its legacy
Colin A. Russell and John A. Hudson
"This book describes the vital relationships between the early railway industry and chemistry, all very recently discovered. It shows that the railway system would simply have not been possible without chemical inputs."

Railway posters
Lorna Frost
"This book explores the changing styles and functions of the railway poster from the early pre-grouping days through to the inter-war 'golden age' and nationalised British Railways." It’s written by our Assistant Curator, Image Collections.

India's railway history: a research handbook
John Hurd and Ian J. Kerr
This handbook is the indispensable tool for anyone seeking to understand India’s railways and the roles they played in the making of modern India.

Leaves on the line: letters on trains to The Daily Telegraph
edited by Gavin Fuller
An amusing foray into what passengers have complained about since 1928.

Underground, overground: a passenger's history of the Tube
Andrew Martin
"Blending reportage, humour and personal encounters, Andrew Martin embarks on a wonderfully engaging social history of London's underground railway system (which despite its name, is in fact 55% overground)"

The Lynton & Barnstaple Railway: measured and drawn
Stephen D. Phillips in conjunction with Michael J. Bishop
"The highly detailed drawings include locomotives, passenger carriages, goods stock, service vehicles, bridges and viaducts, culverts, signals and signal boxes, trackwork, station buildings, bridge number posts, water columns etc."

Summer 2011

The London & North Eastern Railway Magazine (electronic resource)
Great Eastern Railway Society
These discs contain digitised versions of all the London & North Eastern Railway Magazines. The originals were published by the railway company between 1927 and 1947. The magazines are provided as Acrobat files, and each volume is word-searchable.

The illustrators : the British art of illustration, 1800-2002
"This catalogue contains the wide range of artists and works now expected from the Chris Beetles Gallery and its well-established annual show of illustrators. Familiar and favourite illustrators are included from Lawson Wood to John Everett Millais." – Publisher description.

BREL : British Rail Engineering Ltd
Colin J. Marsden
A history of BREL (British Rail Engineering Ltd), which was one of the largest engineering organisations in the country. The group’s works, located throughout the country, provided heavy maintenance facilities for British Rail’s locomotives and rolling stock. Later, the group produced items for overseas railways with their products operated in 33 countries on all five continents. The book is set out in relevant chapters covering each Works (e.g. Wolverton, Ashford, York, etc..), providing a brief history with a description of the workshop and services offered.

Mr Briggs' Hat : a sensational account of Britain's first railway murder
Kate Colquhoun
"A breakneck-paced, fascinating Victorian true crime story – a story that obsessed the nation and changed rail travel forever." -inside cover.

Progress in power : the contribution of Charles Merz and his associates to sixty years of electrical development 1899-1959
John Rowland
A biography of Charles Merz, a British electrical engineer who built a system in the North East of England in the early 20th century that became the model for the country's National Grid, and a pioneer of British mainline railway electrification.

New and reopened stations and lines since 1948 : Southern England : from Kent to Cornwall
Terry Gough
"This is a new series of books charting reinstated or new stations and lines on Britain’s rail network since nationalisation in 1948." - back cover.

Tracks & traces : the archaeology of High Speed 1
Charts the archaeology uncovered with the construction of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link

Mile by mile on Britain’s railways : the LNER, LMS, GWR and Southern Railway in 1947
S. N. Pike
"Back in 1947, just at the point when Britain’s railways were being nationalised, someone called S.N. Pike self-published three little pamphlets, each mapping in forensic detail one of Britain’s main line rail routes mile by detailed mile, from end to end, noting everything from the gradient profile to mileposts along the line itself, and adding a wealth of information and commentary on the sights to be seen in the scenery beyond. Aurum reissues all three of his Mile by Mile guides in facsimile, with an entirely new guide to the GWR in the same cartographic style." - back cover.

Sir Ernest Lemon : the production engineer who modernised the LMS railway and equipped the RAF for war
Terry Jenkins
"Ernest Lemon was one of the most capable engineer/managers of his generation, as evidenced by his role in the LMS as Vice-President; and, later, in the Air Ministry as Director-General of Production supporting Sir Wilfrid Freeman." - back cover.

The man in seat 61 - worldwide : a guide to train travel beyond Europe
Mark Smith
"Following on from the success of The Man in Seat 61, which took travellers around Europe by train, this book covers international train travel around Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australasia. Focusing on affordable international travel by scheduled trains, not just deluxe tourist services, this books is packed with insider knowledge and top tips on the best routes and cheapest fares; travelling with children and changing trains; timetables and maps; essential items to travel with; and everything in between." - Publisher description.

Sir Ernest Lemon: The Production Engineer Who Modernised the LMS Railway and Equipped the RAF for War
Terry Jenkins

Railway Preservation in Britain (Shire Library)
Bob Gwynne
"Sixty years after a disparate group of railway enthusiasts came together in a remote corner of rural Wales to run a train service - a true story that inspired the Ealing comedy "The Titfield Thunderbolt" - ’heritage railways’ are a serious matter. Bob Gwynne tells the story of this phenomenon and looks at the range of challenges that have been overcome to create the vibrant world of the Heritage railway that we enjoy today." - back cover.

January - February 2011

Engineer of revolutionary Russia : Iurii V. Lomonosov (1876-1952) and the railways
Anthony Heywood
First substantial study of one of revolutionary Russia’s most distinguished and controversial engineers – Back cover

British Railways layout plans of the 1950s : the John Swift Collection
Signalling Record Society
18 volume work comprising a collection of signalling diagrams of locations on the former LMS lines, including some areas of the GWR and LNER that transferred to the control of the London Midland region of British Railways – Introduction

Poster to poster : railway journeys in art
Richard Furness
The third volume in this series covering the Midlands and Wales. Artwork and posters from the National Railway Museum’s collection.

A series of reprinted rare books including:

The war and the Bagdad Railway : the story of Asia Minor and its relation to the present conflict
Morris Jastrow
Facsimile reprint of edition published Philadelphia and London by J.B. Lippincott Company, 1917.

War administration of the railways in the United States and Great Britain
Frank Haigh Dixon and Julius H. Parmelee
Facsimile reprint of edition published New York, etc. Oxford University Press, 1918.

The new railway guide, or, Thoughts for thinkers on the road from this world to the next
Facsimile reprint of edition published by Allbut and Son, Hanley, 1848.

The Buckinghamshire Railway : the road and the rail, and steam and the sail : a poem
Charles Whitehall
Facsimile reprint of edition printed: Buckingham, 1849.

Observations on horse railways
George Francis Train
Facsimile reprint of edition publ. by Sampson Low, Son & Co., London, 1860

The adventures of a £.1000 note, or, Railway ruin reviewed
Edmund Phipps
Facsimile reprint of edition publ. by John Murray, London, 1848

The rail, a chapter on accidents...
Facsimile reprint of edition printed by Johnson and Rawson, Manchester, 1853

"Only the midnight train!" : a railway rhyme...
Eona [pseud.]
Facsimile reprint of edition publ. Simpkin, Marshall & Co., London, 1876.

What will Parliament do with the railways?
Facsimile reprint of edition publ. by Henry Renshaw, London, 1836.

The Imperial Railway of Great Britain : and railway reform
Facsimile reprint of edition publ. Oxford and London by John Henry and James Parker, 1865.

George Stephenson and the progress of railway enterprise, with illustrations
Charles Macnay
Facsimile reprint of edition publ. Newcastle-upon-Tyne : Andrew Reid, 1881.

The old Major of the 50th, or, The railway victim
Captain Tregosse [pseud.]
Facsimile reprint of edition publ. London, Simpkin, Marshall & Co., 1847.

October - November 2010

The development of transportation in modern England
W. T. Jackman
Places railway development within the context of other forms of transport whilst covering many railway themes and topics.

Engines of war
Christian Wolmar
Tells the dramatic story of how the birth of the railways shaped how wars were fought and won, facilitating conflict on a previously unimaginable scale (Fly leaf).

The Great Western Railway in the First World War
Sandra Gittins
Complete history which traces the GWR from the early, optimistic days through the subsequent difficult years of the Great War, including Government demands for war manufacture, increased traffic and the tragic loss of staff. From GWR ships and ambulance trains to the employment of women, every part of the story is told, including the saddest of all, which is represented by a Roll of Honour (Taken from back cover).

Armstrong Whitworth : a pioneer of world diesel traction
Brian Webb
Very little has been written on the history of Armstrong Whitworth’s involvement in the development of diesel traction. Originally written in 1979 by the late Brian Webb, this book attempts to redress the balance.

Stop the train
Geraldine McCaughrean
Thrilling railway adventure by this well loved children’s author. “It’s 1893 and for Cissy and her family, a new life beckons on the prairies of Oklahoma and they and their fellow settlers prepare for steady business alongside the Red Rock Railroad track.”

Commuter city : how the railways shaped London
David Wragg
Covers the history and analysis of how and why the capital’s layout is how it is today. Starts with the dawn of the Railway Age and covers the Underground, World Wars, Nationalisation, Privatisation and the future.

Discovering Scotland's lost railways
Julian Holland
Aside from the information on the heritage of lost Scottish railways, which is interesting in itself, what is really striking are the beautiful photographs. Would make someone a lovely Christmas present.

Discovering Scotland's lost local lines
Julian Holland
A complimentary title to the above book and just as attractive and interesting.

August - September 2010

HST : the second millennium
Colin Marsden
It is now ten years since UK rail privatisation and the HST fleet still remains the mainstay of main line diesel power for the principle operators. This book takes the story of the HSTs forward from the 1996-97 privatisation period through to the present day, covering all refurbishment and modernisation projects

Railroads in the African American experience : a photographic journey
Theodore Kornweibel, Jr
This book “is about the entire African-American railroading experience – not just the porters, but the relatively unknown and unsung, too…destined to become a standard reference for years to come…” – Back cover.

Science on the rails
James Park
There have been many books on the subject of the great Chief Mechanical Engineers but not many on the research and support carried out by scientists that backed their work. This book aims to redress the balance.

Peter's railway to the rescue
Christopher Vine
Great combination of story and how-it-works pages. Ideal for children who long to know how things work!

Red Sea Railway : the history of the railway in Eritrea, 1867-2009
Jennie Street and Amanuel Ghebreselassie
This is the first authoritative history of the railways in Eritrea from the beginning to the present day –Back cover.

Stephenson's Rocket and the Rainhill Trials
Richard Gibbon
In association with the NRM, a concise history covering answers to many frequently asked questions about this famous locomotive.

Tracks across continents, paths through history : the economic dynamics of standardization in railway gauge
Douglas J. Puffert
This book looks at global history of track gauges and how historical, economical, technical and even personalities have shaped the way choices have been made.

From the Karoo to the Kelvin
compiled by Dugald Cameron
This volume commemorates the men and women of the North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow, and its predecessor companies, who built over 28,000 locomotives for the world and those of the South African Railways who brought about such notable examples of engineering as the 15F" – Page 1

July - August 2010

A century of change : Britain's railways and the Railway Study Association, 1909-2009 : and a view forward
compiled by M.A.C. Horne
Published as part of the RSA’s centenary, the book draws on a wide range of lectures delivered to RSA members over the years. “This book gives a wide ranging account both of the progress of the RSA over the decades, but also of the industry it serves” -- Foreword.  

Monorails of the world : a history of passenger monorails
David Voice
A comprehensive book on one of the more obscure types of railway.

The Chiltern Railways story
Hugh Jones
The story so far on one of Britain’s most successful private railway companies. There have been very few privatised railway company histories written, so this one is a welcome inclusion to the library.

Trains, coal and turf : transport in Emergency Ireland
Peter Rigney
"In this fascinating account, Irish transport historian Peter Rigney describes how the GSR kept the trains moving, and successfully challenges the view that rail service during the Emergency was in a state of chaos. He highlights the importance of a rail service to the State at the time: it played a key role in the Anglo-Irish trade diplomacy which helped the Allied war effort, it kept the economy ticking over, and it was the main means of transporting turf to heat homes." - publisher description

John Moss of Otterspool (1782-1858) : railway pioneer, slave owner, banker
Graham Trust
Moss was one of Liverpool’s leading Georgian/Victorian businessmen. A recent discovery of 312 of his letters has enabled new light to be shed on a lifetime of achievement. As such, this is the first book on John Moss that we have in the library. 

Art for all : British posters for transport
edited by Teri J. Edelstein
Issued in connection with an exhibition held May 27th - Aug. 15th, 2010, Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, Connecticut. Features posters from the NRM’s collection.

Dining on the B&O : recipes and sidelights from a bygone age
Thomas J. Greco and Karl D. Spence
This book “preserves for future generations the singular experience of dining in high style on this iconic railway. The recipes collected here invite readers to prepare the dishes enjoyed by thousands of rail passengers in years gone by” -- back cover.

Hush-Hush : the story of LNER 10000
William Brown
The author uses sources and drawings kept at the NRM (plus other institutions) and aside from detailing the history of this rarely told experimental loco, has a useful appendix including a list of drawings, people involved with the engine, lists of suppliers and blast pipe tests.

June 2010

Science for the nation : perspectives on the history of the Science Museum
edited by Peter J.T. Morris

On the slow train
Michael Williams
A rhapsodising account of the joy of travelling on today’s most historic and fascinating railway journeys.

Tramway art : the distinctive poster art of the London County Council tramways
Surveyed by Jonathan Riddell

The Bolton to Blackpool 'Dance trains'
By Stuart A. Clewlow
A short history of the Dance trains immortalised in the famous song “Blackpool Belle” by the Houghton Weavers. Nearly every aspect of the near-forgotten piece of Lancashire social history is covered for the first time in one publication.

Locomotive compendium : Southern
Colin Boocock
A comprehensive guide to all locomotives - steam, diesel and electric - in Southern Railway stock at the time of nationalisation (including those constructed prior to 1923 by its constituent pre-Grouping companies) as well as those built to Southern design by British Railways in the years 1948-54.

The Flying Scotsman : the train, the locomotive, the legend
Bob Gwynne
Concise, readable and covering everything you need to know. And written by our very own Bob Gwynne.

The railway Moon : some aspects of the life of Richard Moon 1814-1899 chairman of the London & North Western Railway 1861-91
Peter Braine
A well-researched biographical history on this rarely-documented railway chairman.

Railway disaster mail
Robin Gwynn and Norman Hoggarth
This new book deals with mail damaged on the railways by whatever means, anywhere in the world.

Poster to poster : railway journeys in art
Richard Furness
The second volume in this series of eight showcasing the NRM’s collection of posters and artworks.

Modern British posters : art, design & communication
Paul Rennie

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