Railway voices

Audio clips from our National Archive of Railway Oral History, which contains over 1000 hours of recollections from railway workers.

  • Alan Pegler

    Involved with railway preservation since 1950, and the purchase of Flying Scotsman.

    Alan Pegler

  • Alec Martin

    Alec had a long career, starting at the LMS in 1943 in Carlisle.

    Alec Martin

  • Arthur William Gilbert

    Arthur first worked as a horse drawn delivery driver.

    Arthur William Gilbert

  • Betty Spiller

    Betty’s railway family links secured her first railway job.

    Betty Spiller

  • Bill Squibb

    Bill worked on the GWR. Hear his story on our Great Western Railway Reflections page.

    Bill Squibb

  • Charles Anthony Brindle

    Managing Director, British Rail Hovercraft Ltd, 1965 - 1969.

    Charles Anthony Brindle

  • Dorothy Crawford

    Dorothy worked for railway hotels.

    Dorothy Crawford

  • Dr Alan Wicken

    Alan recounts a conflict with academics.

    Dr Alan Wicken

  • Eric Henshaw

    Eric helped implement the Beeching plan and spent time in India and Australia.

    Eric Henshaw

  • George Young

    George worked on the railways for 50 years, starting at Aberdeen in 1945.

    George Young

  • Gordon Reed

    A boiler engineer and welder who saw nationalisation, the end of steam and privatisation.

    Gordon Reed

  • Harry Whitehead

    Harry recalls his feelings when he was in charge on the footplate for the first time.

    Harry Whitehead

  • Percival Voss

    Percival filled a variety of signalling and administration roles.

    Percival Voss

  • Ray Oakley

    Ray began his railway career with a Traffic Apprenticeship in 1949.

    Ray Oakley

  • Tony Pegler

    Tony joined railway from school and worked in the Southern region, Gatwick and Waterloo.

    Tony Pegler

  • Violet Priscilla Lee

    Violet became a train guard at just 17.

    Violet Priscilla Lee

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