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Shinkansen talk

Learn about the only Bullet Train outside of Japan.

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A short introduction to the futuristic bullet train - the only one outside of Japan.

As part of our Easter Family Fun programme, this talk will run daily from Friday 30 March to Sunday 8 April.

About Shinkansen

With the 1964 launch of the Shinkansen - which translates as new main line - Japan reinvented passenger railways. This was the first route dedicated to moving large numbers of people in comfort and at high speed.

It ran at speeds of up to 130mph and took little over three hours to travel the 320 mile line between Tokyo and Osaka. When new the 22-141 power car travelled this route as part of a sixteen car formation. From 1997 until its withdrawal 22.141 travelled between Hiroshima and Hakata as part of a four car formation. The service was efficient and reliable, on average bullet trains arrive within twenty-four seconds of their scheduled time.

After it was withdrawn from service in 2000, the Shinkansen was generously donated to the National Collection by JR West. Before arriving in the UK, it was fully restored to its present condition by over one hundred JR West workers.

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