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We've lined up some intriguing activities for your Mystery on the Rails visit.

Case Files

Mondays 27 March, 24 April, 8 May, 22 May, 19 June, 17 July.

Station Hall | Free | 11am–4pm | No booking required

Create a dramatic short story based on fact or fiction, using the key elements of great crime writing. Step into the shoes of a detective to uncover the details of a crime, using objects from our collection, available clues and a list of known suspects to help your reader decipher whodunnit.

Spotlight talks: The Murder Carriage

Wednesdays 24 May, 5 July, 19 July.

Station Hall | Free | 2.30pm | No booking required

Join our curators for an intimate discussion around our Murder Carriage. Delve deeper into the research behind this fascinating object and ask questions to our very own museum detectives.

Rogues Gallery

Mondays 3 April, 15 May, 5 June, 26 June, 3 July.

Station Hall | Free | 11am–4pm | No booking required

Stand in the lineup, take your own mug shot and see if you can apprehend a criminal using only their description. Discover how the introduction of the railways created a need for facial recognition as criminals used the predictability and speed of the railways to get away.

Background: BR Warflat