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Eurostar - The fastest trains in the UK

Take a look at this marvel of modern engineering alongside other legendary locomotives in Great Hall.

Suitable for all ages
Great Hall

The power car - donated by Eurostar - is the centre of our exhibition which acknowledges the historic role the train has served in connecting the UK with the rest of mainland Europe. A marvel of modern engineering, the power car has average operating speeds of 186 mph (300 kph), and is part of the same series as the train that holds the current UK rail speed record of over 208mph (334.7kph).

Eurostar Class 373 trains were designed to transport passengers between London, Paris and Brussels via the Channel Tunnel, and started operating on 14 November 1994. Since then Eurostar has revolutionised travel between the UK and mainland Europe, carrying a total of over 150 million passengers, with numbers growing to over 10 million a year. Eurostar trains are capable of travelling from London to Paris in a mere two hours, 15 minutes and from London to Brussels in two hours.

Having been in service for over 20 years, the original Eurostar trains are now being refurbished, and a brand new fleet introduced. The new trains can travel at speeds of up to 199 miles per hour, and will cut journey times between London and Paris by a further 15 minutes.

Find out more by visiting our display in Great Hall.

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