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We've opened up more of our collection so that you can enjoy it up close.

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Cab access

varies - please check daily diary | Great Hall

Enjoy facilitated access to several locomotive cabs. This is available on most afternoons after 3pm but check the daily diary on arrival at the museum.

Bodmin and Wadebridge carriage

open access | Great Hall

Enjoy access into our second-class carriage, which is one of the oldest passenger carriages in the national collection. Discover how passengers travelled in the early 1800s and listen to the history of the vehicle explained by one of our award-winning volunteers.

Tri-composite carriage

varies - please check daily diary | Station Hall

Sit in three different classes in our Tri-Composite carriage to experience what railway travel was like for different classes of passenger in the 1900s-1940s. Only 10 were built is the earliest example (built in 1903) of a lavatory tri-composite brake van, as each compartment has its own WC.

Post Office Van

Open access | Station Hall

Travelling post offices like this one left major stations throughout the country every night. Ours was used on the London to Scotland route, and would have been the overnight workplace for a team of mail sorters.

British Rail Standard Class carriage

Open access | Station Hall

These carriages were introduced in the 1970's as part of a plan to position British Rail as a modern streamlined railway company - the first to feature air conditioning. While on board, take a seat and enjoy extracts from the BFI's 'The Age The Train' film.

Shinkansen - The Bullet Train

Open access | Great Hall

The Bullet train is an international icon, launching on Japan's high speed Shinkansen in October 1964. Climb aboard and learn more by watching the short film 'Shinkansen: the Bullet Train' that plays in the carriage.

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