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Our curator team have picked some 'must-sees' on your visit to Locomotion.

Highlights at Locomotion: Shildon

Locomotion highlights:

Sans Pareil

Welcome building
The original Sans Pareil from 1829 is displayed in the Collection Building. Timothy Hackworth built the Sans Pareil to compete in the Rainhill trials of 1829 - although more powerful, it proved not to have the speed of Stephenson's Rocket.

Replica Sans Pareil

Collection building
The replica Sans Pareil is a working loco, built in 1979 by apprentices at British Rail's Shildon workshop. It was first steamed in April 1980 for the 150th anniversary of the Rainhill trials (see above). The replica and original of sans Pareil have been together since Locomotion opened in 2004.

North Eastern No.1

Collection Building
North Eastern No.1 is a pioneering electric loco from 1904. The North Eastern Railway was an enthusiastic and early adopter of electric traction for railways and the birth of No.1 came about from needing a non-steam solution to tackle steep gradients between Trafalgar Yard in Manors to Newcastle Quayside Yard. The loco is unusual in featuring a central 'steeplecab'.

Black 5 loco

Collection Building
The Black 5 is a maid of all work - from express trains to goods trains all across the country, this loco was a real hard-working all-rounder. Ours is displayed at the head of a representative selection of royal coaches.

APT-E (Advanced Passenger Train)

Collection Building
Paving the way for high speed rail travel in the UK as we know it today, the APT-E was an experimental tilting train developed by British Rail during the 1970's and early 1980's. Powered by gas turbines, the APT-E achieved a new British railway speed record when on 1975 it hit 152.3 mph (245 km/h). After several delays, funding its entry into service became increasingly difficult and the project was eventually moth-balled.


Collection Building
Juno is a saddle tank engine built to a design originally intended for use in the Second World War. Juno actually was made for an ironstone quarry in 1958 and only worked for 11 years before becoming a preservation piece, on loan from the Isle of Wight Steam Railway.


Collection building
A classic North Eastern railway express locomotive of 1893 and famous for its part in the Railway Races to the North.

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